Saturday, May 10, 2014

Garden Heartbreak

Today was the saddest day of my gardening career.
(Not to be too dramatic, or anything)

Just as my strawberry patch started to bloom...

I had to dig it all up.

With some help from my husband

We got it all dug up (June bearing on the left, ever bearing on the right) in an afternoon.

On Monday we will be having people come dig up this area to fix the house foundation on this side. Our basement walls are caving in and we can't risk another flood in the unpredictable Midwest.

I know the strawberries will perk back up next year, and we are planning on expanding the area (yay!) but it really is heartbreaking to yank them up right when they're so full of potential. Especially after we worked so hard on the strawberry bed last year. I might be a little too sentimental about this whole thing...

In a way, I'm okay with this for one reason - I'll be able to update in a few weeks to let y'all know if the plants survived and actually produced anything. I could not find a single resource online blog or otherwise to tell me if a strawberry harvest could survive this kind of thing. Stay tuned.

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