Wednesday, August 13, 2014

School year goals

My baby girl is starting kindergarten tomorrow. The beginning of a new school year has always been a chance for a fresh start. Since things have been... challenging so far this year in many ways, I could use a fresh start in my own life.

Trying new things is a great goal. This lemon merengue pie was my first attempt at a merengue. This pie and its identical twin were made to bring to our best friends' wedding last month. It was a fun challenge, and I hope to try all sorts of new things in the coming months. 

For my daughter, I am getting her started in piano lessons for the first time. I plan to set a good example for her by practicing my long lost piano skills. 

I hope to take her swimming often, so that she can finally learn to swim. Going to the pool with her is good exercise, even if I'm not swimming laps (which I plan to do also , on my own).

I plan on joining  4H with her, so that she can hang with more like-minded people. I hope to expand our village and meet new friends as well.

I hope to share more activities and quality time with kiddo. This year will be spent helping her learn piano and how to read and how to swim. She's turning into such a joy to be aground.

I'm pleased to find out that baby girl's school is all about healthy eating. From what I've heard, it's a far cry from greasy pizza and cupcakes on your birthday that I experienced as a kid in public school. My goal is to do better all around, so that she has this healthy habit both at home and school. I need it as well.

Encourage her to explore and learn and get dirty.

And instill a love of creepy crawlies and nature in general. I hope 4H will help here.

I want to continue to work on my home. Making it a cleaner, more inviting atmosphere. Getting rid of the shit that reminds me of my predecessor and make this place more my own. I am forcing myself to invite people into my home, because I know it's good for me to be more social and active while my life is in turmoil lately. It's also the only time I ever clean my home - when I know someone is visiting.

Say yes to more activities. This balloon day took a lot out of me, mostly because it was so loud and over stimulating, but it's a good example of stepping out of my comfort zone for the good of my family and for my psyche. 

Be more generous of my time and possessions. This isn't an area I struggle that much with, but I know it makes me feel very good. This is a photo of my very dear friend getting dressed on her wedding day. She created her dress from meaningful components from other dresses. The bodice, neckline and satin fabric of my wedding dress. The lace was taken from her mother in law's dress and veil. I hope to set a good example for my daughter by being a good friend and all around better person.

Also, and no pretty picture to represent this one, but I'm going back to the gym. With my kid in school I finally have the time and more money to work on myself. After all the turmoil going on in my family's life, I've neglected myself. It's time to turn that around.

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