Thursday, February 6, 2014

Catching a Fireplace Squirrel the Stupid Way

So, we had a visitor. He landed with a THUD in our fireplace a few days ago, and I thought it was a bird who was able to fly back out. He seemed to fly straight back up and we didn't hear a peep since. Until this morning. 

A quick google search told me to climb onto the roof to run a length of rope down the chimney for him to climb up. Yeah... not happening. We considered borrowing a small live animal trap from a friend, but I wanted to start a toasty fire yesterday! 

The squirrel was probably hungry, dehydrated and tired, because he let us catch him very easily. I placed a cardboard box with a stale piece of bread and peanut butter into the fireplace and we waited.

Excuse the crummy iPhone photo. See the small box on the left in the fireplace? Mr squirrel is climbing the grate on the upper right hand side.

The squirrel got curious and went into the box. To our surprise, he stayed in the box while my husband grabbed my favorite funky retro blanket that some great aunt crocheted 30 years ago. The squirrel barely made a fuss while we covered up the box and tossed it outside - he must have been pretty worn out from his ordeal.

Out ran the squirrel to his freedom into more than a foot of snow. That got our hearts pumping this morning! But seriously, don't do what we did. I'm shocked we don't have a squirrel loose in the house at the moment.

Have you had any exciting visitors this winter?

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