Saturday, February 15, 2014

Use it up and Wear it out Candles

I used to throw away that little bit of wax left from the end of candles without thinking about it. This project was part of my goal this year of more homemade and less store bought (even though I'm working with the leftovers from my favorite local candle makers). I also hate to waste things!

The amount of scrap left over from the candles was not insignificant!

I'm sure there's a better method to this...

After saving the ends of candles for a few weeks, this is what I'm left with. They're not the prettiest candles - they're slightly grey and dingy from the soot of being previously burned. And I didn't bother scrubbing out the candle holders. I would not give these away as gifts. But for my own use, they're brilliant! I'm happy I was able to make use of something I had previously just thrown away.

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  1. We save our candle leftovers too. I have a big stash that I have been meaning to make into candles (we have done it a few times before) but haven't gotten to it yet.