Saturday, February 1, 2014

Striving for Greener Thumbs

As excited as I am to get back outside digging in the dirt, I can't seem to muster the same enthusiasm for my indoor plants. I forget to water them, or I water them too much and muddy water drips everywhere. The dry heat inside and lack of sunshine is turning them into crispy, sad brittle things.

This key lime tree (which flourished outside during the summer and gave us dozens of itty bitty limes) is losing leaves left and right. It could use some sunshine!

Toast. But check out those raised beds... so full of potential!

This tropical beast is hanging on despite my neglect. Also, how cute was my husband as a toddler? I want to pinch his cheeks every time I pass that photo.

All hope isn't lost! Our seed order came in the mail this afternoon!

We'll be growing from seed: 
Golden bantam sweet corn
Contender bush beans
Golden wax bush beans
Tendersweet carrots
Black seeded simpson lettuce
Jericho lettuce
Red romaine lettuce
Black beauty zucchini
Waltham butternut squash
Genoese basil
Black mammoth sunflowers
Sugar ann snap peas
Bloomsdale long standing spinach

We have some strawberries and herbs that'll come back with a vengeance, and we plan on buying lots of established tomato and pepper plants, since we've never had luck growing them from seed. With the fourth garden bed we built in the fall, we'll be extra busy this year!

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