Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Flower Seed Valentines

My daughter's school is all hippiefied and doesn't want candy for Valentine's day. I'm not too heartbroken. Last year I spent quite a bit of money, just to contribute to tooth decay. Not this year. 

I mixed up some gel food coloring with Elmer's glue to make garden friendly paint

We each decorated the hearts and had a lot of fun

Next we glued on several seeds from cheap seed packs.

Marigolds, sunflowers, morning glories, zinnias...

Never say never, but I spent a grand total of about 3 bucks on this project, other than what we just had laying around the house (food coloring, glue, paper). And it made the whole family happy. Why would I spend a bunch of money on crummy valentines cards that just get rummaged through and tossed when the candy is gone?

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