Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Five Year Old Spaghetti Snob

In an effort to clear out some deep freezer space, I dug out some spaghetti sauce from 5/10/13. Why, oh why did I think it was smart to make a batch of spaghetti sauce before my garden had ripe tomatoes? Why did I buy canned tomatoes and waste my garden herbs and fresh garlic??

Look at that watery mess!! I know better now.

My daughter knew instantly that I'd pulled some terrible prank on her. She normally gobbles up more spaghetti than I do. This time, two bites in, she tells me how horrible it is. The tomatoes are hard and chunky! It tastes like pennies!

She's honest, I'll give her that. It was bad enough I let her swap it for a granola bar.

What's funny is that in terms of spaghetti sauce, the flavor is still better than what you'd get out of a jar because I went through the effort of using all the other fresh ingredients I could. But man, those tomatoes are no bueno, and my kidlet could tell. Come to think of it, nothing in the sauce but our garlic and herbs were in season. This year I'll be more patient and make even more of the real deal.

These were the first tomatoes I ever grew!

I was so proud! And it made fantastic sauce.

This is what has turned my child into a spaghetti snob. Proud momma! Let's all forget about that sugary granola bar I let her eat, k?

Have your gardens ruined you for anything store bought you used to love?


  1. Before I started gardening, I never realized that I'd never eaten a carrot. I'd always just eaten flavorless orange cardboard.

    1. We made carrot cake with our garden carrots, and it was like nothing I'd ever had before! This year we're doubling our carrot space in the garden just for that cake.