Friday, January 17, 2014

No Knead Beer Bread

Baking bread is a science and an art. I'm not particularly scientific when it comes to my baking or cooking skills, so I've hesitated to try an honest to goodness loaf of bread. Maybe beer bread is cheating, but I gave it a try and I followed instructions.

Dough rising. I used beer that reminds me of my years living in Germany. Mmmm, beer.

Mark it with a K and put it in the oven for Kiddo and me. Since kiddo's name starts with K. Did you know that's how you used to tell your loaf of bread apart from everyone else's in the communal oven? Love that.

At this point I was a little worried I'd baked it too long. It looked very... rustic.

Ohhhh, it's soft and wonderful on the inside and crispy crunchy amazing on the outside. Following the directions made it perfect, imagine that.
Beer bread for all!

Do you have any favorite bread recipes? I'm excited to try more, now that I've had some success!

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