Sunday, January 5, 2014

Homemade deodorant

After all that cleaning on the house, my husband came home and got the biggest grin on his face. Nothing says "Love" to my husband like doing the chores he'd rather not do. He smiled and opened his arms to give me a hug... wrinkled his nose and told me I'd missed a spot.

Time to get on the homemade deodorant bandwagon!

I ditched the regular store stuff months ago, and have been getting by with washing my pits between showers as needed. Hand sanitizer does the trick in a pinch. But I wasn't convinced that the coconut oil/corn starch/baking soda concoction would really work. But it does!

I gathered all my ingredients, and a stick of deodorant I was happy to empty out. Six tablespoons of coconut oil in a bowl to be melted and mixed with the dry ingredients:

I didn't have any corn starch in my pantry, but I did have corn-starch based baby powder, which, while not completely natural, is better than what's in my old deodorant. And I didn't spend a penny. 

I also used a sample of some really lovely essential oil perfume by someone local who makes perfumes and candles. It's jasmine/rose scented and combines with the lavender/chamomile of the baby powder into something I wouldn't mind slathering all over my body.

It even looks like the regular stuff, once I stuck it in the old, washed out bottle.

I used the standard recipe everyone seems to use, can't remember who did it first.

6 T coconut oil (melted, to make stirring easier)
1/4 c. corn starch
1/4 c. baking soda
10 or so drops of essential oils

That was really so easy, I don't know why I never tried it before. I put it on this morning and I still don't stink. That's saying something!

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