Thursday, January 16, 2014

What I'm thankful for right now

A recurring theme in my life right now is chaos and bad juju that I have absolutely no control over. It's been an entire year's worth of it. But when I step back and take stock... I have it pretty good.

I survived another year and have family who loves me enough to make me a birthday cake. And a thoughtful daughter who encrusts it with rainbow sprinkles. We had a wonderful dinner with my parents and brother and my husband and daughter. I am so lucky.

The other day my baby had a nuclear meltdown and practically had steam pouring out her ears. It got bad enough that I was really worried she was really sick - she was lethargic and burning hot to the touch when she calmed down.


She was just over tired and needed a nap. My Tasmanian devil child passed out before I could even get a reading on the thermometer. I am so lucky she wasn't really sick.

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